March 30, 2010


We must be having a week of US magazine connections at SugarLove. Just received a copy of Flower Magazine from Birmingham, Alabama who recently featured Photographer Bradley Patrick on their contributors page after requesting to run a 2 page story on his country wedding images with SugarLove couple Ros & Blake.
Thank you to Mary, Abby & all the team at Flower Mag - the shots look lovely and the layout reminds us why we love this wedding so much.
No sooner had the magazine arrived in the mail when our front window orchid here in Woollahra bloomed with 2 new flowers almost overnight. We would love to dedicate these gorgeous blooms to the new little arrivals of last week - our best friends Clare & Nathan who were blessed with the safe arrival of Heather in Cairns and our inspirational couple featured above Ros & Blake who welcomed little Juniper. May you always be surrounded by pretty blooms x

March 25, 2010


We were so thrilled to receive the new copy of Wedding Style Guide "Autumn Issue" this week and to find out that for the first time they have used an image from a real wedding on the cover. We were even more thrilled to find out it was ours!! It is a gorgeous issue and the Picture Perfect photography feature is well worth a read featuring some of the wedding industry's most talented artists. Check our features on Dao & Ephram's wedding (our cover bride) and Mavournee & Kane (our beach bride). Thank you to Annabelle & all the team at WSG, her bouquet of pink anemones are one of the most beautiful we have seen. We promise to feature more of Dao & Ephram's wedding pics online in a future blog

March 19, 2010


Thrilled to be interviewed by Glamour NY online (Save the Date) today. Click here to read the interview in full. Happy Weekend everyone, Leigh x

March 13, 2010


In 2007 we worked with an amazing Olympic Swimmer, Elka Graham on several fitness magazine cover shoots. A great rapport was just one of the obvious outcomes of the day between Elka & Photographer, Bradley Patrick. Beautiful photographs was of course the ultimate result and sealed the choice of Elka's wedding photographer to fellow Olympian Thomas Whalan which took place in September 2008 on a magnificent rural property in Cootamundra, rural NSW.
We hope you enjoy the behind the scenes look at their wedding & the exclusive interview online from their current home in Spain.
SL: How did you first meet? E&T: We met in the computer room at the Athens 2004 Olympics. Thomas & I sat down next to each other and the conversation started. As soon as we saw each other there was a spark and an interest. From that moment on whenever we passed each other around the village we would always smile and acknowledge each other. Once back at home in Australia we organised the after party for the hundreds of Aussie atheletes and in doing so became the best of friends and a romance grew from there. We didnt start dating until mid 2005 and finally had our first kiss. We laid a brilliant foundation of friendship before we started a relationship.
The property was the perfect canvas with simple white timber cladding exterior which worked perfectly with the couples theme for the day.
SL: Where and when did you get engaged? E&T: The Maldives, 27th December 2007 on the daybed outside our villa, right on the water. It was perfect and a total surprise. The ring was chosen by Thomas and the moment was divine. We want to re-live it every day over and over again.
Elka wore a stunning gown by Pallas Bride and got ready with her two bridesmaids at the private property.
The couple chose a theme of white and sunny orange which was perfect for the 27degree spring day. The 4 flowergirls wore orange sashes and carried baskets of vibrant orange rose petals.
Loving the privacy & intimacy of their wedding, chosing the perfect spot on 17,000 acres allowed the freedom to create a long aisle, an outside reception area for drinks (complete with canape service and lounge chairs) and a dinner marquee right beside it.
SL: The big day - location, location, location; why, where and when? E&T: 13th September 2008, Private Farm, Cootamundra. It is our favourite place and so secluded and intimate, we always went there for holidays to get away from everything and just relax with nature. No phone, front desk reception, nothing!! Simply just a beautiful 4hour drive out of Sydney and the place we most connected and really had time for "us".
The couple say "i do" in front of family & friends under a simple white arch.
Bridesmaids wore charcoal gowns designed by friend, Matthew Eager.
Weddings rings with their names engraved on the outside were designed by Percy Marks, Flowers were by Enchanted Rose and included a single white calla lily for the groom and many short stemmed lilies & tulips.
The guests enjoyed canapes right after the ceremony on the lawn. The catering was created by the Long Track Pantry.
Thomas & Elka steal a kiss before celebrating with their family & friends.
The house and surrounding gardens & driveway provided ample areas for stunning photography which meant "no leaving the guests for extensive photo sessions"... something SugarLove encourage wherever possible.
A backyard swing provided the perfect play area for the flowergirls as the sun was disappearing over the valley.
A pre-dinner dance rehearsal? A private stroll through the countryside
The marquee was lit with 4 huge chinese lanterns & tea lights and large sweeping silk chiffon lined the ceiling. The wedding cake by Planet Cake featured the bride in orange gumboots with a microphone and groom in his water polo cap & swimmers.
Guests were treated to a buffet dinner followed by a chocolate fountain. Most returned to the farm the next morning to finish off the wedding cake.
Each table was decorated with a bowl filled with white pebbles, water and a single orange goldfish - simply perfect for the wedding of a swimmer & a water polo player.
The bomboniere included a personalised CD of the couples favorite songs, an orange-vanilla cupcake topped with the initials T&E and a handwritten card to each guest explaining why they are so special in their lives (the notes were also used as placecards).
SL: The most special memories of the day? E&T: The surprise speeches we did for each other. Elka made a DVD of all my funny moments which was hilarious. Thomas sang Frank Sinatra's "My Way" but with his own words of how we got together and the room gave him a standing ovation. To not be a natural singer & do this in front of 97 of your closest family & friends was amazing. Thomas took me away to serenade me on guitar & we always snuck off for moments by ourselves. It was absolutely perfect.
The couples first dance was to Barry White's "You're My First, My Last, My Everything".
At night the property came alive with twinkling fairy lights and candles.
The bouquet throw was an exciting moment shared by the female guests.
Thank you to Elka & Thomas for sharing their thoughts with SugarLove from their day, to Bride to Be Magazine for featuring our photographs in their 2009 Your Day Annual & Feb 2009 editions and to the wonderful Kate Fitzpatrick for bringing us together in the first place.

March 12, 2010


Is it just me or are the seasons here in Sydney becoming more defined each year? I love the fact that out my office window we see the leaves changing colour each week. We used to be inundated with spring brides but this year Autumn has taken the busiest month of the year award. Loving these brown linen cushions with Ralph Lauren "True Romance" perfume, crisp evening Southern Highland wedding weekends and glass ball accents hung with copper ribbons. Also loving this ultimate decadent cake made of cheese. Doesnt this look delicious with the figs and greenery? Also adore this simple 2 tier elegant wedding cake with chocolate trim.
Dedicated to Autumn Brides everywhere.... our exclusive interview with Elka Whalan (nee Graham) online this weekend, Leigh x

March 10, 2010


It has been the most excited few weeks of news from one of my favorite US Stores, Anthropologie. First we found out they are now delivering to Australia and now they have announced a new bridal collection that will be launched in Spring 2011!!
Everyone who knows my spending habits from living bi-coastal in LA & Sydney will agree this also means major excitement for SugarLove Weddings & White Designs as we spread the love far & wide. The range is set to include vintage heirloom wedding gowns, bridesmaid's dresses, gifts & accessories all with the Anthropologie distinct ethereal and feminine style.... just in time for my 10 year wedding excited x

March 6, 2010


"Be careful what you wish for" someone once said, a statement constantly on my mind of late. The wedding weather gods must have been reading our SugarLove minds last night so we wanted to say a big thank you!! Love these gorgeous pics of Olympic Swimmer, Elka Whalan (nee Graham) on her wedding day in country NSW. We will be showing more pics plus an exclusive interview with Elka on the blog next week. Have a great weekend, Leigh x

March 5, 2010


We are officially into our first weekend of Autumn weddings and the rain seems to have set in for the next few days. What happened? It's supposed to be a warm 20 degrees in the day with a light breeze in the evening? The problem with plans is that they dont leave much room for spontaneity - THE most important ingredient to creating timeless wedding imagery. We are often asked - how do you take stunning photos in wet weather?
Our first piece of advice is to accept it is out of your control and embrace it.
Secondly prepare for the wet weather possibility with some large black umbrellas (no branding please). Usually your car hire company provides these complimentary so it is a good idea to ask them first.
Lastly be prepared for that window of opportunity when things move from heavy downpour to light sprinkle. If our team suggests a quick photo opportunity be brave & enjoy the moment. Even on tropical islands you carnt be 100% the rain will stay away. Our lovely clients Summer & Cameron who married on Hamilton Island in Nov 2009 were granted their wish when the rain cleared for a photo session with Photographer/Bradley Patrick. A great photographic studio can ensure that your day is documented with excellence regardless of the weather conditions.
Best wishes to our 6 Autumn Couples celebrating their weddings this weekend. We wish you lots of smiles, spontaneity and memorable moments to cherish xx