March 5, 2010


We are officially into our first weekend of Autumn weddings and the rain seems to have set in for the next few days. What happened? It's supposed to be a warm 20 degrees in the day with a light breeze in the evening? The problem with plans is that they dont leave much room for spontaneity - THE most important ingredient to creating timeless wedding imagery. We are often asked - how do you take stunning photos in wet weather?
Our first piece of advice is to accept it is out of your control and embrace it.
Secondly prepare for the wet weather possibility with some large black umbrellas (no branding please). Usually your car hire company provides these complimentary so it is a good idea to ask them first.
Lastly be prepared for that window of opportunity when things move from heavy downpour to light sprinkle. If our team suggests a quick photo opportunity be brave & enjoy the moment. Even on tropical islands you carnt be 100% the rain will stay away. Our lovely clients Summer & Cameron who married on Hamilton Island in Nov 2009 were granted their wish when the rain cleared for a photo session with Photographer/Bradley Patrick. A great photographic studio can ensure that your day is documented with excellence regardless of the weather conditions.
Best wishes to our 6 Autumn Couples celebrating their weddings this weekend. We wish you lots of smiles, spontaneity and memorable moments to cherish xx

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