April 28, 2011


History is about to be made tomorrow with another royal wedding taking place in England. It seemed fitting to post a special image with its own enchanting story today. Meet Betty & Jack who had a lovely life in rural NSW and later Sydney. With their own businesses in the country, eight children and fourteen grandchildren, their life certainly was busier than most of us can ever imagine. Dont you just love the old glamour of 1940's black & white photography Sadly Jack passed away suddenly of a heart attack on 26th July 1964 leaving behind Betty and their eight children (the eldest was 14 years and the youngest 11months). After a lifetime spent bringing up the children and welcoming the grandchildren into her life Betty went on to travel the world and was delighted by the simple pleasures of life. Her life is a testament to those universal time old traditions of loyalty, trust & honour. I have often found that true love sometimes surpasses all levels of reason in life. Betty passed away in 1998 and as fate would have it...on the same day as her husband Jack just 35 years later. As the first grandchild of Betty & Jack I was duly spoilt by all of their eight children growing up. Betty was my best friend, the first person I travelled to America with in 1981 (a place I would come to frequent many times since for work) and she loved the royal family. My memories of our times together as a child & adult are vast. I was with her the first time we met Princess Diana and she was in essence my own Queen Mum. Who would have known that on the other side of the harbour my future husband would be photographing her for some Australian magazines later that day.....fate x (My love for black & white film was shared on our own glamourous shot pictured above in 2001.)

April 19, 2011


Some great news - our Karen & Paul wedding is now being featured on US Site Style Me Pretty so unfortunately we cannot spoil the surprise and show it here first - good things come to those who wait!! Except where chocolate is concerned of course...Happy Easter to all, L x

April 12, 2011


When SugarLove clients Karen & Paul booked us to cover their wedding last year & we found out all about their happy yellow theme I must admit I took a deep breath....not because yellow is hard to photograph or film, not because you don't see many brides choosing it for bridesmaid dresses (or) bridal bouquets but purely because in my opinion getting "yellow" right is one of the hardest colours to incorporate on your wedding day...
We are so excited to bring you the exclusive first peek at the behind the scenes video we produced within our video area at White Designs and even more excited to say that they got the "yellow" so right that it is sure to become one of the most popular colour palettes of the season.....Stay tuned for the full photography gallery (as featured in this Autumn's Wedding Style Guide) on sale now!

April 4, 2011


Congrats to our gorgeous couple Michelle & Martin for being chosen as the winners of our $300 Enlargement Prize this Autumn. We love this pic from your wedding at the Opera House last year. Wishing you a lifetime of fireworks together, Leigh x