March 30, 2010


We must be having a week of US magazine connections at SugarLove. Just received a copy of Flower Magazine from Birmingham, Alabama who recently featured Photographer Bradley Patrick on their contributors page after requesting to run a 2 page story on his country wedding images with SugarLove couple Ros & Blake.
Thank you to Mary, Abby & all the team at Flower Mag - the shots look lovely and the layout reminds us why we love this wedding so much.
No sooner had the magazine arrived in the mail when our front window orchid here in Woollahra bloomed with 2 new flowers almost overnight. We would love to dedicate these gorgeous blooms to the new little arrivals of last week - our best friends Clare & Nathan who were blessed with the safe arrival of Heather in Cairns and our inspirational couple featured above Ros & Blake who welcomed little Juniper. May you always be surrounded by pretty blooms x

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