October 28, 2013


Seems like this spring we have been covering a lot more events outside traditional weddings and one that we LOVED being a part of was this gorgeous kitchen tea organized by Fiona Deans-Dundas of Couture Wedding Planning for client Sophia Mantsis.

Her special day took place at Simmer on the Bay on Hickson Road in Sydney's historic rocks region and with her 50 very special family & friends she celebrated an elegant high tea with the most divine candy bar we have ever seen. What a lovely way to enjoy some quality time with your nearest & dearest as a single girl. Thank you for inviting us to be a part of your day Sophia x

On the 19th of October we covered Sophia's wedding to her sweetheart Chad. We look forward to sharing those shots on the blog sometime in the future. Best wishes to you both...xx

October 14, 2013

SugarLove Favourites (2007-2010)

One of the loveliest things about editing our wedding photography is choosing the annual favourites for our website and blog. Over the next few weeks we will be re-visiting these online. Today we have the 2007-2010 series to share. One of the things that becomes obvious looking over such a large series of images is how very different each and every one of our weddings is captured. We pride ourselves in documenting beauty & originality without re-creating the same shot and this is a rare thing in an industry where imitation is so easy to find.

To all of our couples, industry colleagues and super talented SugarLove photographers thank you for being a part of each and every one of these moments. There are some great memories here and ultimately all showcase the relaxed, elegant and natural style that has become iconically "SugarLove" x