April 3, 2010


Happy Easter everyone!! Easter obviously means something different to all. For me it highlights the importance of beginnings and endings. The first quarter of a new year has already past and the last quarter of the business year is about to begin. I could not help wondering what it would be like to experience beginnings and endings every day and there could not be a more perfect couple to interview for our April exclusive behind the scenes than Elyse & Radek. Elyse & Radek are both flight attendants so saying goodbye and making plans to meet again are a weekly ritual. We hope you enjoy their story and gorgeous images captured at their wedding in Brisbane. SL: How did you first meet? E&R: Radek & I are both flight attendants however our first encounter was when Radek was working in guest services on the ground at Brisbane airport. He saw me come off a flight and ran to my next departing gate to give me his number. We had already started boarding so instead of embarrassing me in front of everyone he gave his number to my supervisor to give it to me. I could'nt even remember what he looked like! I was contemplating transferring to Melbourne at the time so I wasn't very interested. E&R: It wasnt until three months later when I was living in Melbourne I learnt that Radek had transferred down as he was offered a position as cabin crew based in Melbourne. I thought this was a pretty amazing coincidence & as I still had his number I decided to call him. Finally the rest as they say is history. Our relationship was so easy from the beginning & it didn't take long for us to realise we would be together forever.
SL: Where & when did you get engaged? E&R: Radek proposed on the 6th December 2007 the day after our one year anniversary. We were living in Melbourne at the time and went on a beautiful picnic at the Botanical Gardens. I didn't have any suspicions as I thought we were celebrating our anniversary. Half way through the picnic Radek said he had bought me a present. I was surprised as we decided not to give presents this year and didnt have anything for him. Radek said not to worry as it was only "little". He told me to stand up and close my eyes. I opened my eyes to find Radek on one knee holding a little blue Tiffany box. It was such a wonderful moment, I was completely surprised!
SL: The big day. Location, Location, Location (why, where & when). E&R: Brisbane 2nd May 2009. The ceremony was held at Our Lady of Victories. We chose this Catholic church as it was a Polish church and Radek is Polish. It is the church he & his family have been going to for years. It also features a very beautiful interior & exterior, which made for beautiful photos.
E&R: Radek & I love food so Restaurant II was an easy choice for our reception. Their food is amazing and the restaurant itself is relaxed yet classically elegant, a perfect setting for an intimate dinner with our closest family & friends. The walls of the restaurant feature an array of original artwork by local artists so we kept the decorations simple so not to detract from this. Simple fish bowl vases filled with white & cream roses centred each table surrounded by rose petals and tea light candles.
SL: The most special moments of the day? E&R: We had a string quartet play at our ceremony and an opera singer sing Ave Maria as I walked down the aisle. When I was waiting outside the church and heard her start singing I got goose bumps. I was so overwhelmed with excitement, I couldn't wait to go inside and see Radek.
E&R: For me, my special moment was seeing my wife to be for the first time in "The Dress", walking down the aisle towards me. I couldn't believe the moment had finally arrived. I couldn't believe she chose me. She looked stunning, perfect in fact! I remember thinking I was a lucky man to have her in my life and thinking just how much I love her. That was a very special moment in my life I'm sure I wont forget in a hurry.
E&R: There are so many special memories from our wedding that we will always look back on with a smile. The moment we first saw each other in the church is up there with the most special but there are many more. The speeches were fantastic. My uncle Craig was the MC for the evening and he really set the tone for the night. He had everyone in stitches of laughter, especially when he did his own version of the "safety demonstration" outlining the emergency exits and features of the restaurant.
E&R: Our first dance as husband & wife was great too. We danced to "Lucky" by Jason Mraz and Colbie Caillat. We chose this song as it was upbeat and the lyrics represented us perfectly. Neither of us are the best dancers so we decided to not put pressure on ourselves and just have fun and that we did! It actually ended up coming together very well. Or at least that's what we were told.
SL: Romance in the skies? That must be an adventure that never ends? E&R: When Radek & I first started dating it was a bit of a novelty to be able to work together. We would request trips to Perth, Darwin, Sydney and it would be fun because we got to explore the cities together, almost like a mini break but working in between. Time off together at home is what we treasure most these days.
SL: Anything you wish you could change if you could do it all again? E&R: We just wish we could do it all again. The day was perfect. We were on such a high the whole day it all went so quickly. We were so happy to have so many beautiful photos captured by the amazingly talented Bradley Patrick. We will treasure these forever, thank you xxx
Thank you so much to Elyse & Radek for sharing so many private thoughts & moments on what made their day so special. We wish you the most amazing life together & hope to see you again some day soon, Leigh xx

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  1. Can you please post more about the vendors who made this wedding possible? I mean, I'm particularly interested in knowing the model of the bridesmaid's gowns, the veil's and the bride's wedding gown's.


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