July 1, 2009


One of our recent SugarLove Brides just picked up her wedding photos and brought us a box of cupcakes to say thank you for covering her day, how divine!! We could not help but take a few pics before we gobbled them all up, how cute are these cupcakes. Some even came with our name iced across the top and others with their own pink & white striped ribbons.... Thank you Mavournee, we can see why you are a cake designer… What makes a memorable cake on your wedding day? Is the inside more important than the outside? Should the frosting be fluffy or firm? Should it be elegant white to match your dress or styled within the colour palette to match the flowers or table d├ęcor? Should you serve the cake for dessert, choose cupcakes or a tiered cake and should you invest in a cake stand? There are so many decisions to make when it comes to choosing the cake. Personally I love cupcakes with fluffy frosting, croquembouche with crunchy toffee and tiered cakes with rough shavings of icing that look like they will melt in your mouth just like a Flake Chocolate bar. We celebrate some of our clients’ choices in cake design today. Croquembouche, Fluffy Iced Cupcakes and Macaron Heaven Living in Paris meant that our clients Gillian & Sam wanted to recreate a macaroon tower from their favorite patisserie, Laduree. Formerly from Laduree themselves, Beatrice & Oliver Laventi were commissioned from The French Gourmet Academy The French theme continues with a truly unique cake by Sweet Art for our clients Charlotte & Warren. The brides love of French furnishings and provincial style was evident in every detail at her wedding including the cake. You can view more of their wedding images posted on our blog in December 2008 To celebrate some of our favorite choices for traditional white & cream cakes we thank Marie & Benn, Brie & CJ and Vitalba & Brent for sharing their wedding cake images. Far Left; Faye Cahill designed this gorgeous 2 tiered cake for clients, Marie & Benn. One layer was coconut and white chocolate and the other was almond torte. With pearlised champagne icing, detailed piping and Swarovski crystal trim the result was classy and elegant, perfectly suited to the style for their wedding day. Middle; Thick shavings of White Chocolate surround this 3 tiered cake for clients Brie & Charitha. See more of their wedding in the June issue of Real Weddings Magazine Far Right; I love the simplicity of this cake from Vitalba & Brent’s wedding at Curzon Hall. The black XO accent was a unique touch to the top tier with black ribbon on the base of the stand And finishing with the most divine Cup Cake design I have ever seen. Our lovely clients Elyse & Radek visited the shop last weekend to pick up their wedding photos. Here is our favorite cake image from their day. A full story on their wedding will be featured in an upcoming issue of Bride to Be Good luck with all the delicious decisions when designing your cake x

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  1. Wow I just love macaroons, and this picture of a cake of macaroons looks too good to eat!
    Simply Gorgeous!


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