June 25, 2009


Home from Santorini now and the mammoth task of editing our photography & video coverage has commenced. Here is one image we would love to share from Vicky & Peter's day - dancing at sunset at Ampelos Restaurant in Thira along with some behind the scenes pics. Our White Designs Cameraman, Yuji the day before the wedding capturing some of the mystical Santorini locals and the breathtaking vista of Oia. The wedding day arrives and after the ceremony at the Cathedral of Panagia, our SugarLove Principal Photographer, Bradley directs the photo shoot to find the perfect position for the magical sunset moment.
Every summer couples make the romantic journey to Santorini to say "i do". The Team - Yuji (Camera Operator/White Designs) with partner Anna & Bradley (Principal Photographer/SugarLove) with wife/producer Leigh "me" celebrating on the wedding day.
We look forward to sharing more of their images with you very soon. Stay tuned for our behind the scenes video link to be launched shortly as well.... Yassas xx


  1. oh santorini! so beautiful!!

  2. Wow the light there is so lovely and soft (and of course the location is amazing in itself). Can't wait to see more pics! x

  3. AnonymousJune 27, 2009

    How much do you charge to go to Greece?!


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