December 11, 2012


Are you looking for a location for your wedding that is truly original? We cover close to 200 weddings per year at SugarLove and I have to say it is always so refreshing to see clients choosing something unique for their day.....The Victoria Room located on Victoria Street, Darlinghurst is all of that and more....imagine lush palms, bamboo beaded curtains, silk wallpapers and plush sofas - all evoking the opulence of the British Raj-era and creating the perfect setting for your wedding day.

I sat down with Director, Jill Jones-Evans to talk about the most spectacular events at The Victoria Room and what a day in her life entails in such a dreamy setting...
Jill has been the owner of the Victoria Room for 10 years (they just celebrated their 10 year anniversary last month)...what does a typical day in her life entail....

Jill - My day starts off early and kicks off with bundling our three girls off to school & pre school...take a breath...then its into our head office in Darlinghurst.... coffee (or lately Chai Latte - I am loving the fresh chai we use that the Victoria Room). My work day is usually extremely varied and lots of fun. We have a lively office team where many new ideas get tossed around. A typical day in the office would include a marketing meeting, a briefing with our reservations team regarding upcoming events, designing menus, writing our latest e-news, developing new ideas and retail products for our new venue The Victoria Room Tea Salon on Westfield Sydney's designer gallery.

SLove - Most spectacular event at The Victoria Room was...
Jill - Definately our most recent wedding, I have never seen the venue look so beautiful. This wedding was quite intimate (100 guests) yet so magical & lavish. The room was adorned with cascading fresh flowers, thousands of tiny fairy lights and an impressive array of gorgeous vintage props including the most stunning wooden bird cages with candles. Guests enjoyed one of our wedding banquets and were served cocktails in vintage tea cups on arrival...heaven!!
SLove - The Victoria Room bride would be....

Jill - Most definately a romantic. She has a fine appreciation for opulence, all things beautiful, good food, wine & cocktails. The Victoria Room bride has a passion for decadence and the lavish side of life!!

SLove - Thanks Jill, we are so in love with your space and cannot wait to cover our first wedding at The Victoria Room...wishing you & all the team a very Merry Xmas for 2012 xx

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