June 5, 2012


We loved working with Amanda & Tom in Byron Bay last month. Their wedding day was everything they dreamed it would be. Here is one of our favourite pics from the beach shoot at Wategos along with a behind the scenes interview and sneak peek at their dreamy honeymoon in the Greek Islands.

SL: Tell us more about you and how you chose beautiful Byron Bay
AT: Tom is an environmental engineer and I am an occupational therapist. We are both 27 years old and live in Brisbane. We met some 8 years ago at university in Brisbane whilst staying at separate residential colleges. Tom proposed on the main beach at Byron Bay. His family have a beautiful beach house in Byron and we travel down there to 'escape' at any chance we get. It holds a very special place in our hearts, which is why we chose it for the location of our wedding.

SL: Favourite moment of the wedding
AT: The day is filled with so many wonderful moments, but my favourite would have to be the photo shoot at Wategos beach. The weather was perfect and it was a chance for the bridal party to relax and have some fun.
SL: Wedding Advice
AT: I found the planning to be quite overwhelming, and discovered that the only way to get through it was to delegate! I had a lot of helpful friends and family, which was fantastic. It's important not to stress over what you can't control, try not to let things that don't go to plan on the day or leading up to the day affect you. Also, make sure you take a small moment on the day to stand back and really absorb whats going on around you. It all goes so fast!
SL: Tell us about your honeymoon
AT: For our honeymoon, we wanted somewhere we could relax and unwind, indulge in good food and wine, and enjoy amazing scenery. The Greek Islands was the first thing that came to mind and it certainly didn't disappoint!! The scenery is just incredible, and the people were so friendly and accomodating. As for the food and wine.. the extra kilos says it all!

SL: Tips for other brides visiting

AT: When in Santorini, stay somewhere on The Caldera (amazing views!) and make sure you take a boat trip around the island. We went on a half day catamaran sail and it was just incredible to see the island from the ocean... So beautiful! Also, a massage at sunset on the deck is a must!

SL: When travelling what don't you ever leave home without

AT: My IPad (essential for long waiting times between flights), a good camera to capture the memories & a pair of comfy shoes and at least pair of heels :)

SL: The future - top 3 dreams
AT: 1. To start having kids when we in our thirties - we're having too much fun at the moment!
2. To live in another country for a year or so - to experience different places and cultures
3. To live a long, happy and healthy life!

Thank you so much for sharing all your pics & stories with you Amanda. We look forward to sharing more of your wedding pics online soon x

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