November 2, 2011


Most of our regular blog readers will know me as Mrs SugarLove and you may also know that I married Mr SugarLove on the 10th November 2001. Well next week we are flying to QLD to renew our 10 year wedding vows with each other, our children and their grandparents and we can't wait!! Still totally undecided on the dress which means I am having flashbacks to 10 years ago when i changed my dress just 2 weeks before the big day and begged the most amazing designer Helen English if she could make me another in time.

You see the problem is this time there are too many options - to do the traditional white summer dress (or) something fun and tropical... to do short (or) maxi? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated with the 8 day countdown......yes thought i would make the 10year planning a little more interesting than the wedding day x

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