September 21, 2011


This is one of the first in our series of "Behind the Scenes" with our team at SugarLove & White. Designed to share more of our tips & tricks and bring you closer to what makes our world tick. Introducing our choice of Graphic Designer for over 6 years at SugarLove, Ms Jessie James.
Jessie started working for us in production, account management & graphic design in 2005 and has been an invaluable part of SugarLove's branding ever since. Her very successful design firm Follow Studio is testament to her highly individual award winning gift that is now well sought after in many industries. We are fortunate to continue with our collaborative work together and were equally excited to cover her own wedding day to long time love Russell in January this year. These are just 2 of our photographs from the day (and also 2 of her favs)!!
What is your favourite part of the job? Being able to create every day. Even since I was little I have drawn and made things so to be able to do that for a living is really a dream come true for me.
What are you reading at the moment? The Book of Lost Things by John Connolly
What was the favourite moment of your wedding? Many of our special memories of our wedding are from before the day, spending time together and with our family making & creating for the day - we designed and made everything from our paper goods to the hand stamped linen bunting, our festoon light canopy and the signature rose sherbert drink. But at the end of the day looking out over this reception and seeing all of our family & friends together having shared the most beautiful day with us was the most special memory of our day - it was everything we could have asked for and it just felt like we were home.
Wedding advice? Your wedding should be about the two of you and your special story. Everyone will have their own idea of what a wedding should be. Listen to your friends & family then decide for yourselves how you would like your day to be. Most of all make sure you have the best time of your life planning your day together and dont get too caught up in the details - let things happen naturally on the day and dont expect everything to go perfectly as planned.
Who inspires you? Personally my family inspires me to keep going and work hard. My dog Richie inspires me to never never give up and my creative friends inspire me to dream big. Creatively the beautiful clients I am honoured to work with are just so inspiring and too many to name. I count myself lucky to be able to work with them every day.
Top three songs on your playlist? Orange Sky (Alexi Murdoch) / Find Your Way (Pablo Blaqk) / Rolling In The Deep (Adele)
Favourite place? Home
Never without? Pencil & Paper
Lastly 3 words that describe you best? Thoughtful, Bowerbird, Maker


  1. Thanks for having me Leigh! x

  2. Hello, what a lovely interview, and a very classy and charming couple.

  3. wow those two photos are beeeautiful. love it. can't wait to see more!


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