July 22, 2011


Many of our readers would know Prue our White Designs studio manager throughout all their visits & phone calls at SugarLove. After four incredible years with the company... today is her last day before she ventures out into the big world of commercial production management. With any new chapter in life & business it comes with a whole myriad of feelings... so it is with this post that I hold back the tears and savour all the wonderful moments we have shared together as a team at work
& play...

Prue started with the company as a production assistant in our Advertising Area (SugarLove Inc) and moved over to White when we merged it with the SugarLove Weddings brand in 2007 and what a rollercoaster it has been. We moved to our new showroom in Woollahra in 2009 (feels like we have always been here) and expanded our destination wedding area at the same time. On a personal note she has been a much loved friend for our 2 little boys (Maison & Lewis) since they were born in 2006 & 2008 and will be treasured as a friend for many years to come. It is with this behind the scenes snapshot at some of our favourite times together that we wish her the very best for a highly successful and rewarding career (of course we know you will be back to work with us on the first feature film Prue!!!)....

With much love & fun always & forever.....Leigh, Bradley, & the entire SugarLove & White teams xx

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