August 19, 2010


Firstly let me start by saying that I would like to dedicate this post to the memory of Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy & John F Kennedy Jr. We never had the opportunity to meet or work together however the thought of visiting Martha's Vineyard one day has always involved two visions. The first - cute whitewashed cladded houses, shingles, sailing, coastal style, linen pants and espadrilles. The second - its iconic yet tragic history as the resting place of one of America's most legendary & beautiful couples.
Carolyn & John were married on an almost deserted island off the coast of Georgia in 1996. The quaint wooden chapel had just eight pews and no electricity. Surrounded by 40 guests, capella music and candlelight the couple were clearly so much in love. Privacy was the most important thing to them when planning their wedding day.
A few weeks ago our Principal Photographer, Bradley travelled to Cape Cod for the screening of his short film "ID" which was chosen as an International Finalist at the Woods Hole Film Festival. We were lucky enough to squeeze in a side trip to Edgartown in Martha's Vineyard. Having always been fascinated by New England we could not miss the chance to see what MV considers to be some of their most treasured churches & reception venues. For anyone interested in what Massachusetts has to offer or seeking some American inspiration here goes...
This is the Old Whaling Church - an excellent example of Greek Revival Architecture built in 1843 and it can accommodate up to 500 guests.
The historic pipe organ, white washed timber floor and large french picture postcard windows are just a few features that help capture that grand stately aura that the building exudes so well.
The nearby picture perfect village has endless shops great for window shopping & quaint gifts for special someone. Bicycles or the local trolley cars are the best mode of transport. Perfect for a ceremony arrival by the harbour on a warm & sunny afternoon. The Dr Daniel Fisher House is one of the islands finest examples of Federal Architecture and is just a short walk from the Old Whaling Church. The mansion is set amid 4acres of climbing roses, ponds & fountains.
Martha's Vineyard shares its reputation as the preferred spot for a summer house with the Hamptons in Long Island, New York. To include a little of the MV style in your day here are our top 5 tips; 1) Choose ceremony & reception locations with pedigree. Does your ceremony locale have historical meaning to your family or your relationship. Nobody says grand is better but well chosen and original locations are by far the most memorable. 2) Think water, water, water - a fountain, pond, harbour, beach, lighthouse, boat or waterfall connects the soul.
3) What about a beach bonfire, a clambake by the ocean ? 4) Colours - Navy, White and Red are preferred... and lastly 5) Personalize your day. Organise a special welcome kit for guests if you are having a destination wedding or an interactive favor which allows the guest to be involved in its creation is a nice icebreaker for guests who may be meeting for the first time. Choose centrepieces, decorations, invitations, menus and music that is unique to you and your fiancee's style. And my favourite.....for an added MV touch consider monogrammed beach towels for a boating or beach wedding. We hope you have enjoyed the post on Cape Cod. We are off to Cairns for a "SugarLove" Palm Cove wedding tomorrow and to Brisbane for a "White" video wedding this weekend. Bring on the sunshine! Leigh x


  1. Gorgeous. What fabulous inspiration for this Sunday. <3

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