July 14, 2010


Thrilled to be sending one of our team to another destination wedding this year. Lauren, our in-house photographer will travel to Lake Como, Italy for the wedding of Jess & Brad on Sept 9th. The 3000 year old history of Lake Como has left a heritage of castles, fortresses & towers in its ancient cities & villages. Noblemen entertained their guests in lavish castles that still exist today. George Clooney is one of today's famous residents.
Our couple have chosen Villa Passalacqua in Moltrasio - known as one of the most beautiful and historial villas on Lake Como. Constructed during the French & American revolutions the villa was given a neoclassical look with a simple exterior and elaborate interior.
Over the centuries the villa has played host to numerous musicians, artists, writers & statesmen including Napoleon Buonaparte, Vincenzo Bellini and Winston Churchill. We can't wait to cover this wedding!! To sense the romantic history of its past and imagine the voices that echoed throughout the main halls of the villa is truly a once in a lifetime experience.
We look forward to showing you all of the gorgeous pics from their day x

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  1. WOW, what an opportunity. There's no way the photos could turn out horribly with that backdrop!


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